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ERTC3 will improve guidance and technical assistance to DOTs and MPOs to minimize negative impacts and disparities from transportation investments on the environment.



Request For Proposal

  2024 – 2025 Request for Proposals The Environmentally Responsible Transportation Center for Communities of Concern (ERTC3) is soliciting proposals for projects to be funded in the 2024 – 2025 funding cycle between 6/1/2024 and 5/31/2025.  ERTC3 is a Tier 1 University Transpor...

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Traffic Congestion and Asthma-related Hospital Visits in Central TX

Project Description: As one of the most common health diseases that are susceptible to environmental changes in urban neighborhoods, asthma is a major health concern among the disadvantaged populations living in urban neighborhoods with a higher proportion of poverty and racial/ethnic minorities (Co...

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In-pavement Charging for Electric Vehicles to Reduce Air Pollution

Project Description: This proposal aims to develop an in-pavement charging system for electric vehicles that can offset the shortage of charging stations. The newly developed system will not only promote the usages of electric vehicles to reduce gas emission, but also provides a solution to public t...

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Water Quality Monitoring Network To Assess Downstream Efficacy Of Green Infrastructure And Provenance Of Non-Point Source Pollutants.

Project Description: We propose to establish a water quantity and water quality monitoring network that can be leveraged to evaluate the efficacy of green infrastructure to reduce runoff volumes and identify the provenance of non- point source pollutants in downstream water bodies. In urban settings...

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A Sustainable Snow-Free Pavement to Mitigate the Negative Effect of Road Salts on Soil and Water Environment

Project Description: Extreme weather in winter, characterized by prolonged and severe conditions, is anticipated soon due to climate change. Consequently, the utilization of deicing chemicals such as salts (including Chloride-based, Formate-based, and Acetate solutions) is inevitable. These chemica...

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Subsurface Contamination Modeling and Remediation Techniques

Project Description: More than half of the US population consumes groundwater for drinking. Thus, introducing any type of contaminants into the groundwater table can risk the lives of more than half of the population. Contaminants from multiple sources can impact the drinking water wells and other r...

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Evaluation of Green Infrastructure as a Means to Mitigate Increased Stormwater Volumes in Disadvantaged Communities

Project Description: Flooding in the United States, exacerbated by factors like increased urbanization and inadequate stormwater management systems, has grown in frequency and intensity, impacting both social and economic aspects. Extreme events, not limited to hurricanes and superstorms, have cause...

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Evaluation of Bio-Inspired Water Treatment Plant Sludge Materials Through Mycelium

Project Description: Researchers are focusing on developing innovative, sustainable materials characterized by low energy consumption and versatility. Mycelium-based materials, an emerging topic in sustainable construction, offer promise due to mycelium's renewable properties and its ability to brea...

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An AI Powered Remote Sensing Framework for Monitoring and Predicting Roadside Water Quality

Project Description: While air pollution is the most visible environmental impact of transportation systems, water pollution and quality issues are also of great importance in the transportation and environment nexus. Specifically, transportation systems can affect water quality directly in many wa...

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Developing Sustainable Waste Plastics Asphalt Roadway Construction

Project Description: This proposed topic is in line with the ERTC3 thrust area of “Environmental Justice – assessment and mitigation of harmful environmental effects on vulnerable communities”. The results will lead to effective utilization of waste plastics in hot/warm mix a...

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