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Research Project:
Developing Sustainable Waste Plastics Asphalt Roadway Construction

University: Washington State University

Principal Investigator(s): Haifang Wen

Project Description:

This proposed topic is in line with the ERTC3 thrust area of “Environmental Justice – assessment and mitigation of harmful environmental effects on vulnerable communities”. The results will lead to effective utilization of waste plastics in hot/warm mix asphalt. A design method would facilitate the use of waste plastics and safeguard the performance of roadway.

US DOT Priorities:

The research aspect lies in the development of a design method that ensures the incorporation of waste plastics while safeguarding roadway performance. This innovative approach not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes sustainable construction practices, while enhancing infrastructure resilience by offering a novel and practical solution to reduce the environmental impact of roadway construction.


The output of this study includes a systematic evaluation of engineering performance, environmental impact and life cycle analysis of the use of waste plastics in asphalt paving.

Waste Plastics in Ecosystem


An effective mix design procedure will be developed to guide the practitioners to use waste plastics for construction. The environmental analysis will provide guidance to the regulator to develop policy on the use of waste plastics.

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